The Galapago Island

Denver, United States


1 Bedroom - 1 Bed - 1 Bath - Sleeps 2

My place is located only a mile from downtown Denver and 3 blocks from the Denver Santa Fe Arts District which is a unique, nationally known art and cultural district with over 60 galleries, restaurants and shops. The Art District opens its doors freely to lively crowds for popular events such as the First Friday Art Walk, held every first Friday of the month . You’ll love my place because of the cozy accommodations and convenient location!

The Spot:
You will enjoy your own cozy room and downstairs bathroom. Use the downstairs, including living room, kitchen, TV, backyard, washer n dryer, etc to your liking. My room is upstairs and I'm usually out of sight the whole workday. I'm typically around in the afternoon/evenings and enjoy meeting my guests when I'm around. I currently have a roommate Connor using an extra guest bedroom upstairs as well so you may see him around the home, cooking dinner, etc. Like myself he works out of the house, but occasionally works from home upstairs in our office. He is a friendly talkative person much like myself and is happy to chat if you are around at the same time.

You will enjoy your own cozy room and downstairs bathroom and full use of the downstairs, including living room, kitchen, TV, backyard with grill/seating, washer and dryer, etc. **Please note that the bathroom is not attached to the bedroom and you must walk through the living room to get to the bathroom. The shower is tucked into the corner and is very narrow to access getting in and out.**

Other Stuff:
Older buildings have character, but they may also appear less clean and have spots of strange discoloration that are otherwise totally clean/sanitary. My home is over 110 years old but is still standing tall and strong! I take care to maintain cleanliness in all major areas but sometimes don't notice small things/oddities that often result from the old structure of the building- I appreciate private feedback when these are noticed by guests so that I can remedy them!


House Details

  • Sleeping capacity:: 2
  • Bedrooms:: 1
  • Total Beds:: 1
  • Bathrooms:: 1
  • King size beds::
  • Queen size beds:: 1
  • Double Beds::
  • Single beds::
  • Bunk Beds::
  • Air Mattresses::
  • Sofa Beds::
  • Couches::


  • On-site Parking
  • Free Street Parking
  • Paid Parking
  • Tour Bus Parking

Booking policies

Cancellation policy: Flexible

> If the asker cancels more than 1 day(s) 0 hour(s) before the start of the booking or subscription, asker is reimbursed 100 % of the amount paid
> If the asker cancels less than 1 day(s) 0 hour(s) before the start of the booking or subscription, asker is reimbursed 50 % of the amount paid

Rules & conditions

House Rules:
-Not safe or suitable for children (0-12) and pets
-No smoking
-Check-in time is flexible and check out by 11AM
-Self check-in with keypad

Welcome to The Galapago Island
Our address is 925 Galapago St, Denver, CO
-Please reach out to us through the Rock n Doze Messaging function within the app if you have any specific requests. It’s the best method to use to contact me. If there is an emergency or you cannot use the app for some reason please call us. That -number is voice-only. If a message is directed to the phone number provided we will copy the message to the Rock n Doze Messaging platform and then answer your query there.
-I have provided a very general guide here to answer most questions ahead of time, but am available via Airbnb messages quickly if you need any further details or explanations of the space. I hope you enjoy your stay!

Check-in/Out Times:
-I am very flexible as it pertains to check in and out times. If you plan on arriving before 3:30pm during the weekday I will be out working and cannot welcome you personally so consider this a self-guided tour! -You will be issued a code for the electronic lock. This code is valid during your stay only. I do not mind check-outs that into the afternoon/evening but if you need to stay into the evening please
check with me beforehand so I can plan ahead to adequately cleans the area for my next guests.
Check-Out Procedures:
-When your stay is completed and you are ready to check-out do the following:
-Turn off all lights and small appliances.
-Put any dirty dishes in the dishwasher.
-Put all dirty/used towels on the washing machine.
-Leave all bedding and pillows on the beds, I will take care of those.
-Report any damaged or missing items to your Host.

By booking this listing you agree not to use the WiFi for file-sharing networks and systems, including BitTorrent; no exceptions. If systems on our network are found to connect to these sites it will be considered a breach of House Rules and you will be told to check-out.

Quiet Time(s):
I prefer to keep it to a dull roar after 9pm on weekdays (I wake up near 5am). Weekends there is no time limit, use your responsible judgment as to not disturb the neighbors.

Smoking/Marijuana Policy:
-Please smoke outside and on the opposite side of the yard from the door. Also don't discard your cigarettes in the house trash cans. They get stinky. Marijuana smoking is allowed, although please mention ahead of time if you intend to partake to establish some ground rules.
Guest(s) of Studio Residents:
-No parties, no outside visitors, no overnight guests without previous approval from your host. Not to say you cannot I would just like to have a conversation with me so we can establish some ground rules/expectations.

Deliveries - apart from food deliveries - are not allowed. This means no Amazon shipments either. There are "Amazon lockers" located in the city where you may pick up deliveries at your convenience.

The TV is mounted on the wall in front of the couch in the sitting area. It is static and cannot be swiveled. This TV does not have cable and is there for you to use as a streaming monitor or to be hooked up to your phones or iPads via my chrome cast. You can access various streaming apps via the adjacent iPad (code (Phone number hidden by Airbnb)

Restroom & Shower:
-The shower is tucked in next to the corner of the restroom and it is sort of a tight squeeze There is a shower tray mounted on the shower wall with shampoo and conditioner if you need.. Washcloths and towels are in your room already for you to use if necessary- there are hooks, and rods on the back of your bedroom door, bathroom door, and underneath the shelving in the bedroom to allow them to dry.
-The tall medicine cabinet has various supplies you may find useful if you haven’t brought your own toiletries. Extra toothpaste, shower supplies, first aid, toilet paper, grocery bags, etc…

Kitchen & Dishes:
-You are welcome to use anything in the kitchen. That means the stove, oven, cookware and knives are free to use. Please treat the nicely. If you prefer to save some money and cook something instead of going out feel free.
-Most drink ware and plates/bowls can be found in the raised cabinets opposite the stove. Utensils and cookware can be found in the lower cabinets opposite the stove.
-Everything we provide (pots, pans, bakeware, dishes, glasses, etc) can be put in the dishwasher. I will make sure to run it if it is full do not worry about that. There is also an in-sink dish drain for when you wash your own dishes. Contrary to what most people think, the dishwasher does save more water and energy than hand-washing dishes. Please use it when necessary.
-All appliances are available for your use (microwave, oven, stove, kettle etc…). Coffee is free for guests and all things you need to make it can be found in the cabinet above the coffee maker. Creamer can be found in the refrigerator if desired.

There is no “water” built-in to the fridge. Instead there is a PUR filtered water container. Colorado has high quality water resources and I personally just fill from the sink, but the filtered water is there if you prefer. Simply add more water when needed. The refrigerator does not make ice so ice is provided for you in the above freezer compartment.
You are welcome to store whatever you like in the refrigerator. There is generally plenty of space and you are welcome to move around whatever is in there to make space.

Heating & Air Conditioning:
Heating and cooling is central however- with a home as old as mine there is a lot of leakage especially during the winter: If you are hot or cold the bedroom itself has a space heater & overhead fan. If you need to adjust the whole central unit please let me know via a message on the Rock n Doze. As a Coloradan I am generally comfortable in a wide temperature range and try to save energy costs when possible. I am happy to adjust things to make you more comfortable and can do so remotely. Nest so just ask!

T-he main trash bin is located near the back door I will take out trash whenever I see it getting full. I keep a box next to the stove for recycling as well, or a bag hanging from a hook near the back door. I try to recycle as much as possible and hope you will as well but if there isn’t space you can put recyclables in the trash and I won’t get mad!
P-lease no eating in you room: If you intend to eat at home, please sit down in the kitchen, dining room, or on the back porch instead of eating in your room. Drinks can be had anywhere in the house.

-Again, due to the age of my home the lighting, and switches are not optimally placed. To help remedy this I have installed a few Bluetooth/wifi enabled devices & bulbs to help. There is a small black button inside, next to the front door that controls the living room overhead lights which can help if you are entering/leaving during dark hours (there is another white button next to the (Hidden by Airbnb) Nest thermostat with the same functionality). If you would like to turn the living room overhead fan on pull the shorter chain to active- -PLEASE do not use the pull the longer string as this will mess with the Bluetooth/wifi lights to get off track.
-The front porch overhead light is located next to the front door and is another (much older looking) button to activate.
-The bedroom light is located on the wall halfway between the door and far wall so you have to walk in a few feet before hitting it. Other lamps are around if you need additional light.
-Additional common area light switches are along the wall upon entering the kitchen area. A Back deck and additional kitchen light are
located next to the back door.
Travel Essentials:
I have provided an iron, and ironing pad (magnetic on the washing machine) There is also a hair dryer underneath the sink. If you need to use the washer and dryer that is totally OK and you may use the detergent in that room.

You must also acknowledge:
-Potential for noise - Bedroom walls are thin, as well as shared wall with neighbors of duplex.
-Some spaces are shared - Kitchen, Living room, Yard

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