What is Rock n Doze?

Rock n Doze is a online home sharing platform that connects traveling musicians, crew and music fans with lodging accommodations and others in the music community. 

I'm in a band, what's the benefits of use Rock n Doze over Airbnb or hotels?

Our platform was made for touring musicians. Our aim is to help you find safe, affordable lodging accommodations with people in the local music scene you're traveling too. We also add "band perks"  which includes show/tour promotion, deals to local resturants, breweries, dispensaries, entertainments, transportations options, connections in the music community as well as a handful of other benefits that aren't included in a normal stay elsewhere.

Is it only for musicians?

No! Rock n Doze is geared towards the entire music community whether you're playing in the show or attending as a fan.

How do I post a new room?

Go to the top right corner of the Rock n Doze website, and select "Publish Your Listing".

Do you have an insurance policy to cover users?

Yes! Rock n Doze offers a $100,000 Liability Insurance & background checks with every booking. We do require all hosts to carry their own primary insurance as well. To learn more about our insurance policy, please check out Rock n Doze Insurance

How do I pay?

Stripe & popular credit/debit cards. Once you create an account, you'll have to create a Stripe account which will connect directly through your bank account. All payments will go through Stripe(bank account).

What are the fees?

Rock n Doze = 15%

Insurance & Background Checks = $29+ 

Do I have to pay local/state lodging & hospitality taxes?

Yes! You must pay all local/state taxes associated with short-term rentals.  Click here to find your local and state lodging tax http://www.ncsl.org/research/fiscal-policy/state-lodging-taxes.aspx

Do I need to register my property with local/state government?

Yes, your property must be registered through the proper authorities.

How do I set a pricing for my room/home?

It is up to the you. Feel out what you have to offer and take your best guess. There is no right or wrong, just might have to test it out for yourself to find a good and fair price.

Can you offer instruments to use?

Yes! If you would like to offer your instruments to your guests, that is completely acceptable. Sometimes people can't travel with a guitar and it'd be nice to play one while on the road. You're able to offer an additional fee for reserving instruments or studio space.

What happens if something is damaged?

Contact Rock n Doze to report. Depending on severity, contact the police & your insurance company first. Then notify us that something has happened. Our insurance team will excess the damages.

Can I offer a security deposit?

Yes, although we do not include this in the price at this time, you will be able to specify if you want a security deposit and how much on your listing page.

What if I can't find an answer to my question?

Select the "Contact Us" tab at the top of the page and write to us expressing your problems. Or email Info@rockndoze.com

Can I sync other calendars to my Rock n Doze calendar?

Yes via iCal or Google Calendar! Under your listing, under "Calendar" select "Syncronization" & input your iCal or Google Calendar.