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Zack Z. very much enjoys the arts–music especially. On the off time he (tries) to play guitar and puts his six years of choir and music theory into use. Aside from working online in the perpetually changing internet scene, Zack also works closely with his wife on artistic projects that will hopefully be the foundation of their traveling dreams together.

Melissa M. is the epitome of hip and fresh. A printmaker at heart, she thrives on the tactile that is paper. Together with this love of paper, and skills attained, she creates handmade artists books, prints, and stationery that evoke a thoughtful cuteness.

Mel and Zack are a unique couple: met in high school, best friends for years, sharers of tragedy and fun times, singers of many a song, married immediately and always working on a mystery since then.

The ultimate goal for them (and most 9 to 5'ers) is to make a living off doing what they both love.

They hope to travel the world for extended periods of time and spread joy the only way they know how: funky dancing, loud singing, nonstop comedy and making pretty things.


They are mostly all in the hippest part of Los Angeles, a place called Silver Lake (Northeast of Downtown). Homeplace of Beck, Elliott Smith, moustaches, The Silver Lake Reservoir, and heck, that dork pretty boy Ryan Gosling lives here too.

We've had the chance to meet and host the following artists and bands: Tame Impala, Blood Orange, Kurt Vile, American Football, Kimbra, King Tuff, The Movielife, Kopecky, Kate Nash, Slow Magic, Digitalism, Tanlines, Cathedrals, Lemaitre, The Stooges, Wild Feathers, Bronze Whale and more to come.

Some properties are owned by us but a few are also managed by us. Don't be surprised if we introduce you to a bff or a second mother of ours =)

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