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Free-spirited entrepreuer with an ever inquisitive nature. Have lived in Nederland, CO in the Rocky Mountains for over 30 years but enjoy seeing new places. Hipster Mom with 2 kids who are often all over the world, and I like to meet up with them from time to time. My goal is to once a year visit a place I've never been before, with or without them. This past December, 2015, my son and I visited Cuba for two weeks. AS THE WIND BLOWS, I WILL GO!!

Describing my overall home sharing experience, I wrote this poem.

Hosting a wedding in my backyard
Listening to two Central City Opera Orchestra musicians practice
The center of the Universe becomes the guests I host and who host me
From Cuba, The Netherlands, Paris, Germany, Austrailia, India, Barcelona, NYC
Salt Lake City, Chicago, Hawaii, Delaware, Boston, Denver or Boulder
No where is too large or small
to create a story
And the story becomes something only my guests or my hosts share with
glory...............which brings me JOY.......

I've been managing A+ Superb VIEW IN HEART OF TOWN and own and manage another property in my home, CREEKSIDE HIP HOME IN HEART OF TOWN. I love being a host and I can't give enough praise to the AIRBNB system. They make it so easy to be a good host or guest. I have been an AIRBNB Superhost for the past four quarters. I don't say that to brag. I say it so you know that you will have a unique, personable experience when I host you. Also, I do all my own cleaning and setup. I feel this is important because I prepare the space as I would want it to be if I were the guest. I also feel this helps me maintain my space better. If something needs to be fixed, it is more likely I will detect it during my time cleaning the space as opposed to you finding it when you arrive.