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My wife and I absolutely love to travel, we go anywhere we can. One of our favorite parts about traveling is making life long friendships with people from around the world. To this day we have friends, in Fiji, London, Ireland, India, Belgium, Costa Rica, and so many more. Now we have two babies, and makes it a little more difficult to get out and travel as much as we want to. So we thought to ourselves, let's bring the world to us. Let us meet fantastic people, and share the stories of what their part of the world has to offer. We love adventure, discovering new things, The Chicago Cubs, Chicago Foods, music, dancing, Improv Comedy and we love a good happy hour. I like to think of us as the ultimate Chicago host, because we know all the little secrets this city has to offer.
My life motto: To Dream as if you'll live forever, but live as if you'll die today. - James Dean