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Tyrone and I are a fun couple who love wine, good food and good friends. I am a university professor, and Tyrone is a real estate photographer and freelance journalist (who's also been trying to teach himself to sing, so watch out: he might try to hound you for feedback. lol)

We like to think we are perfect together; a real ying and yang. I love to garden; Tyrone, well, loves hanging out in a nice garden. I love to cook; he loves to eat. I'm a morning person; he's a night owl.

Aside from our healthy differences, we both enjoy pop culture in general, including music, TV, movies, and we love to travel. Neither of us shies away from a good discussion about current affairs also.

While we love meeting new people from around the world, and we like to give guests a personable experience when renting with us, we respect guests' space and privacy.

Our goal is to make your stay nothing short of exceptional.