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Thank you so much for checking out my listing! Hospitality is one of my gifts therefore I take pride in being a Super Host; my goal is for your experience to be 5 stars as I want you to feel at home away from home! I take pride in being a great host so I'm always eager to help you with any questions you might have or assist you the best way possible! I’m always a message away for anything you might need! If your review is under 5 stars it means you failed to communicate and you didn’t allow me to assist you in the best possible way so please let’s help each other so that we both have a 5 star experience! I look forward to hosting you! Welcome to LA!

If you’re a happy person and you love your life, it would be my pleasure to host you as that’s exactly the energy I want to be surrounded by!

If you are a great guest that is easy going, down to earth, you get along with others, you’re positive and overall a great person with a great, positive attitude that is looking for a safe, clean and peaceful place to call home while you’re away; I would love to host you!

I love hosting amazing guests as they are a delight to host so please if you’re a difficult guest who takes pride and delight in writing a bad review of 1-3 stars please do us both a favor and book somewhere else as I rather 100% host amazing guests instead as difficult guests are extremely draining to my soul and I rather avoid bad guests at all cost! Only positive energy is welcome! Thank you!