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***PLEASE NOTE***: We are located above very live music venue in Old Town Ft Collins so when there are shows happening (usually Thursday through Saturday) there is very loud noise bleed from the venue below.

For your stay at The Downtown Artery we are only able to accommodate you on a month to month (30 days+) basis due to downtown zoning rules.

We are a team of individuals who believe that creativity is a core part of life. The Downtown Artery provides a venue for artists of all genres to create, showcase, and celebrate their work. It is a community of talented individuals which promotes innovative collaboration and fosters artistic expression. We have converted three studios into sleeper rooms for touring musicians, artists, and just all around good people in hopes of inviting them into our world. We enjoy appreciating art, making art, watching movies, making movies, eating food, making food, listening to music, making music, reading books, writing books... I think you get the drift. Most of us have couch surfed and traveled around the world and aim to provide a creative, safe, and unique environment for folks to stay.

*PLEASE NOTE*: Again, we are located above a noisy music venue in Old Town Ft Collins. It can and will be will very loud at times, up until 2am on some nights.

Our small parking lot is on a first-come first-serve basis. Unfortunately we are just unable to guarantee parking. We are, however, 20 feet away from a parking garage and street parking is also available.

Sorry, we do not allow pets at our property because it is just not a suitable place for our furry friends. If you have a registered pet of course we will welcome them as a suitable accommodation.