Silver Lake Master Suite–we might not see you!

Los Angeles, United States


1 Bedroom - 1 Bed - 1 Private Bath - Sleeps 3

This big master bedroom is ALMOST like having an entire space to yourself, EXCEPT:
- Your entrance is semi private since you'll need to walk through the front yard. Our kids like playing out there on the weekends, Tuesday+Thursday afternoons. Otherwise, you might not even see us during your stay.
- When you enter the house, we hung up floor to ceiling curtains to make a makeshift foyer for you to put your shoes and enter your room. We layered several curtains to provide some soundproofing.

The Spot
- House was build in 1926 but your room was part of a late 80s addition.
- This is the house I grew up in! My grandparents bought it back in the 70s and my dad built the house in the back in the 90s WITH HIS BARE HANDS.
- 3 layers of curtains separate your space from our space. We both share the front yard, deck and foyer area (the space between the curtain, front door and your room. We will only pass through this area when going to the front yard.
- Our deck boasts a view of downtown LA and the hills of South Silver Lake.
- Neighborhood is gorgeous and walkable. Unfortunately a lot of gentrification has occurred. You'll see a lot of old house mixed with big boxy modern condos.
- Your room has an AC unit, heater, ceiling fan, big refrigerator, lots of mirrors, coffee maker, french press, assortment of teas, electric kettle, microwave, baby dish rack, a few dishes/bowls/utensils, small cutting board, and a cutting knife.
- There is a laundromat, liquor store, and combination donut Chinese shop and a Mexican restaurant 1.5 blocks down the street.
- Sunset is 3 blocks away and boats tons of trendy boutiques, cafes and eateries Silver Lake and Echo Park have to offer.

Other Stuff
Our kids are toddlers. They have no inside voice. You'll hear them but we've managed to muffle their noise with some soundproofing. Again, they will be in bed around 11pm. You also have a Sonos speaker in your room so you can play white noise via Spotify or whatever platform.

The deck might also be a mess of toys and sidewalk chalk. The view of downtown and the hills is still nice though!


House Details

  • Sleeping capacity:: 3
  • Bedrooms:: 1
  • Total Beds:: 1
  • Bathrooms:: 1
  • King size beds::
  • Queen size beds:: 1
  • Double Beds::
  • Single beds::
  • Bunk Beds::
  • Air Mattresses::
  • Sofa Beds:: 1
  • Couches::


  • On-site Parking
  • Free Street Parking
  • Paid Parking
  • Tour Bus Parking

Booking policies

Cancellation policy: Flexible

> If the asker cancels more than 1 day(s) 0 hour(s) before the start of the booking or subscription, asker is reimbursed 100 % of the amount paid
> If the asker cancels less than 1 day(s) 0 hour(s) before the start of the booking or subscription, asker is reimbursed 50 % of the amount paid

Rules & conditions

House Rules

No smoking
No pets
No parties or events

You must also acknowledge
Potential for noise - Our kids are most rambunctious 8pm to 11pm. Then we put them to sleep around 11pm.
Some spaces are shared - The front yard is shared but your entrance is your own private entrance.
Surveillance or recording devices on property - There is a camera in the front yard for packages, one in the back yard for our car and one inside our side of the house. You won't be recorded inside

Additional Rules
NOISE: WE LIVE HERE WITH 2 KIDS. They are in bed by 11ish. There is potential for noise but we've done our best to insulate. You can be as noisy as you want, we sleep with blaring white noise AND you have a Sonos speaker in your room so you can play white noise as well.
-No smoking cigarettes on the premises. Please smoke on the sidewalk away from the house.
-Please don't go through the curtain, we live on the other side.
-Your room is fully private. We don't use the entrance through the front yard to come home. The entrance is your private entrance BUT our kids play in the front yard often. We will pass through the curtain to go to the front yard. We do not enter your room when going to the front yard. We pass through the foyer space in front of your room's door. I hope this makes sense.

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